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Poem for Tuesday and McKee-Beshers Flowers [Aug. 3rd, 2021|01:16 am]
Le Jardin )

Monday was delightfully cool for August, an open-door sort of day. We both had a lot of work to get done, though we did some of it while watching soccer and track at the Olympics. Then we took a walk and ate our leftover Ethiopian food from Sheba last week, which was still delicious.

I talked to my college roommate on the phone for a while, then we took a break from sports to watch The Republic of Sarah -- the blizzard episode, pretty formulaic but not bad -- then more Olympics. Here are some of the flowers in bloom at the McKee-Beshers Wildlife Management Area:

In Blooms )
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Greetings from Hanover [Aug. 2nd, 2021|01:16 am]
We left home on a rainy Sunday morning and drove to Hanover, where the sun shone the whole time we were there, though we were mostly indoors visiting Paul's parents, eating lunch and dessert, then skyping with our kids and my parents. They had just talked to our niece and her toddler, and are making plans to see one of their siblings in a little over a week.

We stopped at Giant to grab stuff for dinner, after which we watched Wellington Paranormal and Dead Pixels, both of which were laugh-out-loud funny, then some more Wallander, which is more dark and more sad than I was expecting -- for some reason I thought it was more action-y, less personal suffering. A couple of pics from Hanover and a couple of a mom and baby bird:

2021-08-01 16.30.42
Hanover and Happy Birds )
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Greetings from Poolesville [Aug. 1st, 2021|01:33 am]
Saturday was a gorgeous, not-too-hot day with a breeze, so after lunch we went to Homestead Farm to pick peaches and blackberries and also to visit the animals -- there are a pair of donkeys now as well as the alpaca and the goats, pigs, and chickens that we usually see. We walked to the orchard around the pond, where we also saw frogs, turtles, and a heron.

Then we went to the McKee-Beshers Wildlife Management Area, which has several fields of sunflowers. This time we visited one we hadn't seen before, which is about a half mile from the parking lot through a wetlands and then past a cornfield, so there were many more frogs among water lilies and hibiscus, plus the first monarchs of the season and lots of bees.

2021-07-31 15.08.52
The Farm and the Flowers )

We had dinner with my parents out on their deck to enjoy the beautiful weather -- we brought peach cobbler Paul made with some of the peaches we picked -- then we came home and are now bingeing Wallander, which we thought we'd seen before but we only saw the early episodes (Branagh is great, the writing seems quite dated, Hiddleston is so young!).
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Poem for Saturday and Canal Frogs [Jul. 31st, 2021|01:13 am]
The Vision of Sir Launfal )

Friday was quite warm and sticky, not very eventful. I did some chores, watched some Olympics, mostly swimming and tennis, and took a couple of walks -- it was a very good baby bunny day. But the major good news is that Daniel does not have covid, though he still doesn't feel well (I told him to go get a strep test, but I think I had used up my mom nag quota for the week).

Burden of Truth is back, with another storyline about First Nations vs Canadian policies stacked against them, which was very interesting and relevant last season. Plus we watched Jungle Cruise on Disney+, which was surprisingly enjoyable though very derivative of a LOT of adventure in the jungle movies, including several of Disney's own! Blunt and Johnson are fun! Canal frogs:

Amphibious )
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Greetings From My Backyard [Jul. 30th, 2021|02:07 am]
I'm not entirely sure where Thursday went but I know where Thursday night went -- we tried to watch the women's gymnastics individual all-around on the Roku, but the feed kept cutting out (probably too many people watching). So instead we watched it tonight, with the sound off for an hour and a half while I was on my fannish chat and then distracted because older son, who hasn't felt well for a couple of days, was telling me he got a covid test although he's been fully vaccinated for many weeks (no results yet).

And my in-laws called to say one or both of Paul's brothers are talking about visiting them the weekend we already have a paid, nonrefundable reservation to go to the beach, for which I have been waiting all summer. We are seeing my in-laws this weekend and again in two weeks when other relatives are visiting, and I need my two days out of the entire year to see the ocean. Anyway, I am distracted and cranky about everything except Suni Lee. Here is what happens when the squirrel swings on the bird feeder and scatters the seeds:

Greedy Visitors )
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Poem for Thursday and Brookside Roses [Jul. 29th, 2021|01:17 am]
My Pretty Rose Tree )

My Wednesday was quiet, at least until the thunderstorm tonight that made the lights flicker, but I got to talk to two of my high school friends at lunchtime, watch the men's gymnastics all-around at the Olympics, and fold laundry around a cat who wanted to sit on the clothes in the basket. The bunnies were hiding when we walked today, maybe too hot for them.

We've spent most of tonight watching swimming live from Tokyo -- Caeleb Dressel, Katie Ledecky -- and now I'm watching the start of the second season of The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes on Disney+ because "The Fall of Asgard" in the first season is everything I could have dreamed in a cartoon. Some of the roses at Brookside Gardens last weekend:

In the Garden )
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Poem for Thursday and Hillwood Roaring Twenties [Jul. 1st, 2021|12:55 am]
Sif's Golden Hair )

The high point of my Wednesday was talking to my high school friends at lunchtime -- everyone mostly fine, kids in various states of transition, mine thankfully are out of the 105+ temperatures. It was otherwise a pretty quiet day; every six months I try to make sure I'm caught up on all photo and document uploading, and since it was the last day of June, I focused on that. We didn't take a walk until nearly evening, when it was still beastly hot but before the thunderstorm, then we had veggie sausages for dinner.

Then we watched Loki, which had all the awesome spoilers (the Fenris and Valkyrie toys! Loki insulted Sylvie gets more security! The Asgard flashback from myth! Mobius cranky Loki has a demented crush on Sylvie! The post-credits scene -- all the Loki love, and now I am hopeful that rumors of Throg in Love and Thunder might actually be a real thing!). and finished Penguin Town, which remains a mostly happy place despite signs of the pandemic. From Hillwood's Roaring Twenties exhibit:

2021-06-26 15.29.06
Post Fashion )
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Poem for Wednesday and Carderock Wildlife [Jun. 30th, 2021|01:18 am]
The Centipede's Dilemma )

I don't have a lot to say and am behind on everything, so if I owe you an email or comment, sorry, will get back to it when I can concentrate on anything. It was hot here, though not nearly as bad as where my kids are, and apparently it's worse in parts of Oregon and British Columbia. Besides dyeing my roots, I can't even remember what I did till evening, when we went for a walk before Taco Tuesday and I watched Voyager's "Innocence" with my regulars.

Afterward we watched a bunch of Netflix's Penguin Town, which is scripted more like a reality TV show than a nature documentary -- no onscreen deaths or babies getting mauled by predators, humans trying their best to do the right thing at all times -- not the show to watch if you want to learn about the reality of life for penguins in populated South Africa, but a total delight if you want a narrative about penguins and humans having a lot in common.

I only just uploaded my photos from the canal at Carderock on Sunday before everything went to shit -- we could hear the frogs but they were hiding from the camera. So here are a teeny toad with a pic for size reference, a couple of turtles, a duckling, a dragonfly, and wild raspberries:

Canalside )
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Placeholder for Tuesday [Jun. 29th, 2021|01:06 am]
My Monday was shit, other than I got some nice messages and comments of condolence from people and Maddy called. I got to talk to my kids some, too, because it's over 105 degrees where they are, so Daniel was still at work at 9:30 p.m. to stay in the air conditioning (along with several teammates and his friend since high school who also works there) and Adam sent photos of Pepper, who was too hot even to want to hide under a blanket. Anyway, here are some photos of Daisy doing some of her favorite things:

2014-05-19 17.28.39
Happy Daisy )
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Poem for Monday and Daisy [Jun. 28th, 2021|12:36 am]
Arise From Sleep )

My Sunday started okay -- Skyped with the kids, went for a walk along the canal at Carderock, had dinner with my parents -- but we came home and found Daisy looking like she'd slid off the back of the couch, unresponsive and apparently not breathing, and by the time we got her to the emergency vet, she was gone. She was only 14 -- Cinnamon, 20, is the one I'd been worried about -- and we'll probably never know exactly what happened. Here is the first photo I ever took of her, the first photo of her in our house, a photo of her and Rosie, a photo younger son took of her, a photo of her lounging with family, one of the last photos I took of her, and the last photo of me with Daisy, Cinnamon, Katniss, and Effie.

2021-06-20 21.02.45
Daisy )
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