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Poem for Saturday and Wright on the Walls [Nov. 18th, 2017|12:08 am]

Night Is but a Shadow Cast by the Sun )

I had a good Friday -- bit of work, bit of shopping, Suicune raid at Marriott headquarters with friends who work there, bubble tea at the mall, dinner with parents, Blindspot. Now I'm rushing because Cheryl and I decided we really needed to watch The Avengers again because of Thor and Loki.

Here are photos from the National Building Museum's Wright on the Walls exhibit, in which museum visitors were invited to help decorate drawings of some of Frank Lloyd Wright's most famous structures (including cats, bats, monsters, "Impeach" speech bubbles, spaceships, and a penguin that I may have drawn:

Building Museum )
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Poem for Friday, The Orville, Hillwood Satyrs [Nov. 17th, 2017|12:01 am]

The Satyr )

Laptop is wrangled! That is, I'm sure there are a lot of little things I'll want to tweak, but it's finished syncing with my Dropbox and Google Drive and it's up to speed now and I am loving the fast browser and backlit keyboard and superb track pad! I need to figure out why every program I own adjusts its fonts for the screen size except Photoshop, in which the menus are so small I can barely read them, and I need to figure out the advantages of OpenOffice vs. LibreOffice because I'm not paying for MS Word on yet another computer.

My day was good in other ways: the weather was gorgeous, I walked in the park, then I had a lot of shopping to do and it was all successful (Adam's bike, new towels, some holiday gifts, and, um, Taylor Swift's Reputation, plus the food store). This week's The Orville was not my favorite -- c'mon, Brannon Braga, mediocre TNG holodeck episodes are not the ones you should be trying to recreate -- nor was the Steelers' fourth-quarter blowout after a relatively close game with the Titans. From Hillwood this spring, little musical satyrs:

Little Chimeras )
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Poem for Thursday and Brookside Leaves [Nov. 16th, 2017|12:25 am]

At night, by marriage )

Still wrangling laptop which is taking forever to sync my Google Drive, still working on various other chores that didn't get done yesterday while downloading programs. Not a lot to report from my day apart from a lovely long lunch at Mirch Masala in the mall with my friend Mel after raiding a Suicune and a Porygon, both of which I caught. Plus I walked in the park.

Rose visited us and the cats, then we watched some college football (don't quiz me on the games) and Designated Survivor, which now apparently wants to be Madam Secretary but has less well characterized family members and too many petty conspiracies. Here are some photos from Brookside Gardens a few weeks ago when the leaves were still very shiny:

Earlier This Fall )
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Poem for Wednesday and Seaglass Carousel [Nov. 15th, 2017|12:10 am]

Carousel )

I spent all of Tuesday morning and half the afternoon waiting for FedEx to deliver my new laptop, which looks awesome -- backlit keyboard, touchscreen, great touchpad, DVD burner, everything I wanted -- though I had so many things to download and install that I really can't comment on whether it does the biggest thing I needed, namely works a lot faster than my old one!

I only half paid attention to The Flash while trying to get Photoshop installed, though I did catch the "You're a wizard, Harry" joke; we watched some of Ken Burns' Baseball too. I'm still midway through trying to get Freemake installed and my Start Menu organized, so I will keep this short and give you a few Seaglass Carousel photos from New York!

Seaglass Carousel )
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Poem for Tuesday and Grotto of Lourdes [Nov. 14th, 2017|12:04 am]

Grotto of Egeria )

Cheryl stayed in town on Monday so we could go to the holiday boutique at Washington Hebrew, where we met my mom and several of her friends and my friends, including my third grade teacher, then we went to look at holiday shiny things at Pier One and World Market around lunch at Bagel City. In the late afternoon, we met Paul at Arclight at the mall to see Thor: Ragnarok again. It's even better on a second viewing, Hemsworth and Ruffalo look like they're having a great time, and Hiddleston as usual steals all his scenes.

We had leftover Chinese food from Saturday for dinner while trying to keep up with this week's Supergirl and catching up on Sunday night's Madam Secretary (I knew the Stevie storyline was going exactly where it's obviously now headed). Here are some photos from Emmitsburg's Grotto of Lourdes near Mount St. Mary's, where the sculpture always looks stunning set among the autumn leaves and where there are now statues of Our Lady of Lavang and Saint Charbel Makhlouf as well as the European saints and Mother Seton:

Autumn Saints )
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Greetings from DC [Nov. 13th, 2017|12:01 am]

Went to see the awesome Mean Girls musical with Paul and Cheryl, then ordered pizza and watched the first two Thor movies, so generally very good day. Here are bunnies and us -- more tomorrow!

Trios )
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Greetings from Catoctin [Nov. 12th, 2017|12:22 am]

We spent a lot of Saturday with Paul's parents, meeting them at Simply Asia in Thurmont for fabulous black pepper tofu and veggie General Tso's, then going to Catoctin Mountain to see the leaves and take the boardwalk across the creek to Cunningham Falls. It was quite chilly but very pretty in the woods, mostly yellows and browns at this point, and not a lot of people except those walking dogs.

We went back to Thurmont to get donut holes for dessert, then to Emmitsburg's Grotto of Lourdes, which is always beautiful in the fall. Whoever designs the gardens has been making an effort to be more representative of Catholicism around the world, with statues representing Lebanon and Vietnam. We missed most of the day's crazy football, but we did see Notre Dame's humiliation and Alabama's unfortunate win!

Near Thurmont )
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Poem for Saturday and Toulouse Sights [Nov. 11th, 2017|12:06 am]

Carnival )

A lot of my Friday was taken up with chores, getting people places and getting things done, but it was so cold when the wind blew that I didn't mind not having time for a proper walk in the park, and I spent part of the afternoon shifting the clothes in my closet from summer in the front to winter in the front. We had dinner with my parents, then came home for Blindspot (the time jump is working for me) and a special on In the Heights.

Toulouse was in the news today for a sad reason (a suspected terrorist attack that turned out to be a schizophrenic man who decided to mow down Chinese college students with his vehicle). Seeing the photos reminded me how much I loved the city when we visited last spring; we arrived in the afternoon as students were leaving the university and the city felt very young and friendly. Here are some photos of the gorgeous architecture.

Occitan Capital )
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Poem for Friday, The Orville, Seattle Underground [Nov. 10th, 2017|12:01 am]

Psyche Gazing on Cupid )

Thursday was kind of a drizzly overcast day that made me sleepy, so I have nothing exciting to report. I drove Maddy to work when she was running late after taking a late morning nap, had bagels with a friend from my Pokemon Go raiding group, saw three bunnies on one front lawn when the rain let up enough for me to take a walk, and enjoyed The Orville more than I should have given that "Cupid's Dagger" was the most Seth MacFarlane episode yet (and yes, there are big consent problems, but that's true of "The Naked Now" and "Fascination" too, so I blame Star Trek).

Since nothing exciting happened around here, here are some photos from Bill Speidel's Underground Tour in Pioneer Square, which goes into the tunnels that were once Seattle's street level and reveals things like market storage with bootlegger holes, exploding toilets, "seamstresses" whose tax records reveal they made a fortune serving the single men of the city, the ghost of the bank teller who was killed while storing miners' gold in the vault, submerged sidewalks with purple manganese glass skylights, hotel refuse, and residue of the Great Fire of 1889:

Smuggler's Holes and Seamstress Homes )
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Poem for Thursday, The Big Sick, Brookside Outside [Nov. 9th, 2017|12:04 am]

Thek )

On Wednesday I had a migraine due to the fact that I was being waterboarded, struggling to look away from a glaring light shone directly into my eyes, having my teeth submerged in freezing water, and suffering from implements of torture rattling my skull...yes, that's right, I went to the dentist. Every time I do, I remind myself that next time I need to find a dental office with old fashioned sinks and mouthwash and stabby metal picks instead of Waterpiks. Then six months pass and I forget. So a lot of Wednesday is kind of a blur.

I do remember being really happy about the election results in the morning, and I also remember hanging out on a street corner with my Pokemon Go friends after a Suicune raid, discussing the importance of Niantic's planned Harry Potter AR game Wizards Unite. In the evening, Rose visited the cats and watched the finale of Inspector Morse with us, then we watched The Big Sick, which is less funny and sadder than its previews but very well acted and enjoyable. Some color from Brookside last weekend, including a wedding:

Autumn Brookside )
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Poem for Wednesday and Golden Gardens Park [Nov. 8th, 2017|12:01 am]

Election Day, November, 1884 )

I was out most of this very rainy Tuesday, but I didn't have to walk much in the weather, so it was all good. After a rushed morning of writing, I met Karen at Tara Thai for lunch and discussion of ugly Christmas sweaters (which we'd thought about shopping for, but she thought better of and I don't need anyway, since I'm usually only invited to Chanukah parties).

I did some boring shopping in Target, then arrived to feed the cats at home, where Maddy wanted a ride to work since it was pouring. Since I'd gotten so little exercise, I drove her to the mall and intended to take a walk there, but Sears emailed me $10 in ShopYourWay bucks, which I took as a sign that I should go buy that winter coat that was already more than 50 percent off.

Paul and I watched The Flash (finally a decent Caitlin episode and we should have Drunk Barry more often) and caught up partway on The Gifted (still uneven but good enough to keep watching) around following the election results, which were very heartening nearby in Virginia and in New Jersey! Here are some photos from Golden Gardens Park in Seattle, which is on the beach:

Autumn Beach )
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Poem for Tuesday and Brookside Chrysanthemums [Nov. 7th, 2017|12:01 am]

I Could Ask, But I Think They Use Tweezers )

Yeah, I know I promised yesterday that I would post more about Thor: Ragnarok today, but it'll have to wait till tomorrow because I ran late working on a computer project and watching the Green Bay-Detroit game. It wasn't an exciting day otherwise: some work, some laundry, two Suicune raids with friends, and lots of enjoyment of the continuing insane November weather in the 70s including a walk in Cabin John Park and a walk in the neighborhood.

I set up the Roku I bought weeks ago but hadn't gotten around yet to registering, but I didn't have time to play with the channels (recommendations for which ones have the best free stuff welcome) because Supergirl was on and fortunately this week involved lots of Supercorp and nobody praying to Kara as a god! Not loving the Alex storyline but I get that one of the actresses made it necessary. Here are some pics of the chrysanthemums at Brookside:

Chrysanthemum Season )
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Greetings from Gaithersburg [Nov. 6th, 2017|12:11 am]

Quickie as my day was busy and involved picking up Adam (and his bike) in College Park, going to Minerva for Indian food for lunch, walking around Washingtonian Lake and doing some shopping including examining ridiculous Christmas sweaters in Kohl's and Target, going to see Thor: Ragnarok which I loved and found largely hilarious despite some quibbles (continuity issues, Bechdel fail), meeting my parents for dinner at Ted's Bulletin, driving Adam back to College Park, getting home in time for the delayed broadcast of Madam Secretary. More about all of the above tomorrow; have some pics!

Around Washingtonian Lake )
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Poem for Sunday and Brookside Autumn [Nov. 5th, 2017|12:41 am]

Red Berries )

Saturday was much cooler than Friday, but it was still gorgeous out until the rain arrived in the evening. We had a bunch of chores to do in the morning, then Alice and Avery came over and we went to Brookside Gardens, where the leaves know it's fall even if the weather is confused, and then to Roots Market, which tragically had no Vegetarian Plus black pepper steaks though they did have excellent sharp cheddar and butterbeer.

Chrysanthemum Season )

We came back here for dinner, which included veggie burgers and lots of Halloween candy and cupcakes. Then Alice and Avery went home and Paul and I, disappointed by the Terrapins' loss, caught up on this season's first two episodes of Blindspot, which were quite enjoyable, then last week's episode of Supergirl, which was kind of over the top though I liked the music. And SNL's cameos this week are very fun!
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