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Poem for Friday and Pretty Brookside [May. 25th, 2018|12:51 am]

Friend )

Adam is here, we're watching Ghostbusters (2016, because he'd never seen it, as we discovered earlier watching The Secret Life of Walter Mitty), after going out to dinner at Not Your Average Joe's with my parents to celebrate my father's birthday a few days early. Before that, I got my hair cut and colored.

The rest of my day was low-key (or would have been had it not involved two incidents of cat vomit -- one of which was all over my bed -- and a flooded basement, apparently something stuck in one of the pipes necessary for the washing machine after the cat vomit). Have a few pics from Brookside Gardens earlier this spring:

Flowers and Animals )
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Poem for Thursday and Courtyards Moving Day [May. 24th, 2018|12:06 am]

The Daughter Goes To Camp )

Paul and I spent a big chunk of Wednesday in College Park moving Adam's things out of the Courtyards, a momentous occasion in that our two kids each spent two years living there (and had pretty good experiences, though Adam says he has no nostalgia for his apartment). We made the mistake of not insisting that he bring some of his stuff here while he was commuting back and forth the past couple of weeks to see friends closer to home, so there was a lot to pack and clean and drag to the dumpster, but now it's all crammed in our basement until next fall, and we went to an extremely late lunch at Pho D'Lite before coming home.

Adam is spending the evening at a movie marathon with the high school friends with whom he has had such marathons for several years -- I believe he brought The Nice Guys. Paul and I had sandwiches for dinner since we weren't very hungry after our late lunch out, then we watched the season though hopefully not series finale of Timeless, which we missed on Friday. It finished before the Capitals beat the Lightning to earn a trip to the Stanley Cup final, huzzah! Here are a few photos of Courtyards so I remember how the public spaces looked. Adam was not in the mood for posing, but you can see and read about him on one of his adventures here!

2018-05-23 11.26.14
Last Courtyards Pics )
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Poem for Wednesday, Deadpool, The Lego Movie, Son and Friends [May. 23rd, 2018|12:32 am]

What Has Growing Old Been Like? )

We had terrible weather on Tuesday, but I had a good day anyway because Adam and his childhood friend Emiliano, visiting the area from college in Mexico, decided it was the perfect day to see Deadpool 2, and since I had offered to take Adam to see that at some point this week anyway, we picked up the friend and all went to the movies. (It is equally hilarious on second viewing, in some ways even funnier in the second half.) None of us had had lunch before the movie, so we went to grab froyo and were going to come back to our house so we could go to College Park and collect Adam's things, but it started to rain so insanely that we bailed on that idea and watched The Lego Movie (which Emiliano hadn't seen) instead.

Adam took Emiliano back to the relatives with whom he's staying, we ordered pizza for Bitcoin Pizza day, and we have just watched the season finale of The Flash (too many shark-jumping moments to count and I'm 80% here for Harrison Wells so some Earth's version of him better be around next season) and the newest episode of The 100 (c'mon, Marcus, do NOT be flirting with other women even if you think it's to help Abby). Now we're watching Jon Stewart under Stephen Colbert's desk. The new plan is to pick up Adam's things tomorrow morning before he heads out to an overnight movie marathon with friends in the afternoon, so here are just a couple of photos of him with one of our cats and one of his oldest friends!

2018-05-06 17.24.37
Adam Visiting )
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Poem for Tuesday and Longwood Orchids [May. 22nd, 2018|12:27 am]

Indoor Garden )

Quickie because I am watching Colbert with Adam in between bouts of laundry, which he came over to do since he was visiting a local friend this evening and is seeing his childhood friend Emiliano, visiting the US from Mexico, for most of the day tomorrow. His day was more exciting than mine: I mostly did boring stuff, apart from an EX raid with a big crowd of friends, one of whom caught Mewtwo for me.

We watched Supergirl, which was marginally better on family stuff, and Elementary, always about the money this season, around an episode of The Handmaid's Tale (even more upsetting than usual) that son had already seen since he gets Hulu for free with his student Amazon Prime account. From Longwood Gardens in the early spring, orchids on exhibit during the Orchid Extravaganza and in the permanent Orchid House:

Orchid Color )
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Poem for Monday, Fahrenheit 451, Westworld, Cherry Blossoms [May. 21st, 2018|12:39 am]

Sakura Park )

Adam came over on Sunday morning so we could drive up to meet Paul's parents at Simply Asia in Thurmont. We had lots of great Chinese food, briefly Skyped with Daniel who was on his way out early to go hiking with friends, attempted to teach my in-laws to use their Kindle and smartphone to watch sports, and eventually came home, where we thought about taking a walk but we were lazy and Adam wanted to get financial paperwork in order. We weren't ravenous for dinner after such a big lunch, so we had sandwiches.

In the evening we watched the new HBO film of Fahrenheit 451, which well acted (Shannon a bit on-the-nose) though it weirdly seems more focused on technology than propaganda as an enemy and in a funny twist, since Equilibrium and Blade Runner swiped ideas from the novel, swipes visuals in turn from those movies. Then we watched this week's Westworld (Samurai World with kick-ass women) and Madam Secretary (fairly didactic, but I love Elizabeth and it's a good anti-nuke reminder). From last spring's cherry blossom festival:

Cherries Past )
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Poem for Sunday and NY Aquarium Mammals [May. 20th, 2018|12:46 am]

Film Noir )

Another quickie as I spent this very rainy Saturday being an absolute slug with Paul and Cheryl -- first we slept through most of the royal wedding coverage though we caught the end of it, then we watched The Road to El Dorado (partly because of things like this), then we had lunch while watching the reboot of Vacation (which is pretty terrible and sexist -- we were only watching for Chris Hemsworth, though I think the best scene is the Four Corners police battle -- and has a couple of nice cameos).

Then I dragged everyone out for half an hour for Pokemon Community Day to look for shiny Charmander before came in from the rain to watch Blackhat (yeah that was 100% for Chris Hemsworth), and then we watched my brand-new Blu-Ray of Black Panther. After Cheryl had to go home, we caught up on the season finale of Agents of SHIELD, which was surprisingly moving given how many times I almost stopped watching the show out of boredom or annoyance before this season.

Since I took no photos today, here are some of the New York Aquarium's seals and sea otters in the rain from last fall:

2017-10-08 11.25.18
Fuzzies Swimming )
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Placeholder for Saturday [May. 19th, 2018|12:11 am]

Quickie, Cheryl is here and we just saw the hilariously awesome Deadpool 2 with Paul and a bunch of other friends (best post-credits ending of a superhero movie ever). Cheryl got here around lunchtime and we got Cava, then watched Ghostbusters (the feminist one), Rush (the car one), and the first Deadpool which we watched while eating dinner. Now we're watching Thor: Tales of Asgard for those here who have not seen it! Saturday is supposed to be more rain, so there may be more movies (and some royal wedding)!

2018-05-18 23.56.29
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Poem for Friday and Great Falls Animals [May. 18th, 2018|12:43 am]

In Tintagel Graveyard )

I had lots of running around to do Thursday because I have fun plans on Friday, and it rained the entire day, so although I have no real business complaining given that the rain caused catastrophic flooding in parts of Montgomery and Frederick Counties whereas I only had very wet parking lots to deal with, I spent a lot of time being damp. And sticky, because although it wasn't quite hot, it was certainly not cool. Friends messaged me in the afternoon about a Pokemon raid while I was already at the mall right near the park, and it was one we could do from our cars, and I caught two Latias so that was nice!

I had piles of laundry to fold and put away before dinner, but I had cat "help" for part of that and Maddy came to tell me about her adventures for the other part. After dinner we watched the first two episodes of the second season of The Handmaid's Tale, which, like the first season, are upsetting and inspiring and terrifying and powerful and disturbing. (Adam told us he binged the entire first season and half the second so we were inspired to catch up.) Now I'm cheating on Colbert with Fallon because he has Tina Fey and Paul Bettany, both looking great. From Great Falls last weekend, happy spring animals:

Spring at Great Falls )
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Poem for Thursday and Great Falls Herons [May. 17th, 2018|12:41 am]

The Dentist and the Crocodile )

The biggest event of my Wednesday was my semiannual dentist appointment a.k.a. waterboarding torture -- seriously, now that practically all hygienists use those spray-picks, how do the very young and very old avoid getting pneumonia from aspirating whatever is being blasted off of their teeth? I miss sinks. Since I was down in that direction, I tried to stop in the Israeli jewelry store (closed for vacation) and Goodwill store (completely mobbed and understaffed), and I went briefly to the park but it started to rain hard.

Yes, we had storms yet again. My neighbor Rose came to visit in the evening to discuss cats and Marvel movies, then we had dinner and watched The Amazing Spider-Man, which I hadn't remembered loving, but seeing it again so soon after the Tobey Maguire movies, it is an absolute masterpiece (plus Gwen Stacy is absolutely crucial to resolving the crisis rather than, you know, screaming). Then Colbert's children's TV show with witches and the Beatles made me scream! Here are some photos of the many herons we saw at Great Falls last weekend:

Herons on the Water )
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Poem for Wednesday, The 100, Lake Whetstone Animals [May. 16th, 2018|12:45 am]

Where the Use of Cannon Is Impractical )

I had a bunch of work to get done Tuesday morning, plus laundry, plus some kitchen chores, so I was very boring, though I did go to the park after lunch. In the afternoon I spent way too much time on social media, which only ever upsets and stresses me out unless I'm talking about purely entertaining things -- even posting about things I agonize over whether I should post about ends up costing me friends. Maddy was here briefly post-NYC with bagels, but she doesn't work tomorrow so she's staying with a friend tonight.

We had thunderstorms on Tuesday evening with less wind than on Monday but a lot of driving rain. We watched The Flash, which would have been better if its entire season had been six episodes shorter, and The 100, which scared the crap out of me (NOT MARCUS OR ABBY, YOU BASTARDS, THREATEN TO KILL SOMEONE ELSE). Now my cats are sleeping off their storm stress and I have to go to bed because I have a dentist appointment, woohoo! From Lake Whetstone last weekend, some of the geese and turtles we saw:

Turtles and Goslings )
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Poem for Tuesday, Supergirl, McCrillis Azaleas [May. 15th, 2018|12:22 am]

Spring Storm )

My Monday was fairly quiet, though I tried to get done everything I needed to do outdoors early because we had massive thunderstorms forecast for the afternoon (and indeed my county ended up with a tornado warning and hail, though it wasn't near my house). Not much of my day was more exciting than watching the trees blow around, though Katniss was extremely perturbed and ran all around the house meowing unhappily until the storm had passed.

I despised tonight's Supergirl -- I figured almost as soon as Ruby was introduced, before we knew anything about Sam, that she only existed to give Alex an insta-family which surely meant the mother was going to be gotten rid of, and we're moving predictably closer to that with lots of cliches. At least Elementary is back with actual superhero Joan Watson, though I hear this is likely its last season. From McCrillis Gardens on Sunday:

2018-05-13 15.25.08
McCrillis in Bloom )
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Poem for Monday, McCrillis, Trapezaria, Family Stuff [May. 14th, 2018|12:22 am]

The Exposed Nest )

Quickie since Adam is here watching Last Week Tonight with us following Westworld, which he stayed for after a very nice afternoon eating eggs benedict made by Paul, visiting McCrillis Gardens to see the azaleas, and going to my parents' house to Skype with Daniel. The only bad part of my day was that my parents had a major disaster with their kitchen sink and the plumber was so late that my father couldn't go out to dinner at Trapezaria with us, since he had to wait for the sink to be fixed. We stopped back there afterward to say goodnight to him, then came back to feed our ravenous cats and call Paul's parents. Hope everyone else had as nice a Mother's Day!

2018-05-13 15.08.21
Mother's Day )
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Poem for Sunday, Spider-Man 3, Great Falls Encampment [May. 13th, 2018|01:07 am]

Heredity )

We got up reasonably early for a Saturday because we knew it was supposed to be miserably hot, then very stormy later in the day, so after breakfast and some morning chores, we went to Great Falls to hike and see if there were goslings there. We didn't anticipate how many people would be around since we didn't realize it was one of the weekends when the 20th Maine Regiment was reenacting a Civil War encampment, so we only saw a few goslings, but we saw many herons in the river and canal, some turtles, some frogs, even a snake!

Great Falls and Civil War Camp )

I dragged Paul to a Latias raid on the way home (caught on both accounts, so it was worth it), we stopped at Au Bon Pain to get baguettes and chocolate croissants, then we came home for lunch. In the afternoon we ran out to Giant to get cat food ahead of the thunderstorm. After dinner we watched Spider-Man 3 with Cheryl -- I had remembered that one as being pretty bad but Adam assured me there were good memes from it. And Daniel, who never cared about driving, finally took and passed his driving test!
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Poem for Saturday and Civil War Memorial [May. 12th, 2018|12:39 am]

Obituary )

My Friday was almost all boring necessary tasks, but most of the important stuff got done. And I got to fold laundry while watching Thor: Tales of Asgard, which was free on Vudu so I figured I'd see what it was and ended up thoroughly enjoying (the Valkyries! the dark elf mentor! Loki practicing magic!).

We had dinner with my parents, figured out Mother's Day plans, then came home to watch Blindspot, which I am very relieved has been renewed for next year, and Agents of SHIELD, which has been great this season so I'm hoping for good news there. Then we saw the Nationals win, and the Orioles won earlier, so yay!

From the night we saw Rick Astley at the Lincoln Theatre downtown in Shaw, here are photos of Spirit of Freedom -- the African-American Civil War memorial just above the U Street/Cardozo Metro station, including the names of the 200,000+ African-American soldiers -- and the entrance to the African American Civil War Museum:

2018-04-18 18.02.40
African American Civil War Memorial )
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