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Poem for Wednesday and Golden Gardens Park [Nov. 8th, 2017|12:01 am]
Election Day, November, 1884 )

I was out most of this very rainy Tuesday, but I didn't have to walk much in the weather, so it was all good. After a rushed morning of writing, I met Karen at Tara Thai for lunch and discussion of ugly Christmas sweaters (which we'd thought about shopping for, but she thought better of and I don't need anyway, since I'm usually only invited to Chanukah parties).

I did some boring shopping in Target, then arrived to feed the cats at home, where Maddy wanted a ride to work since it was pouring. Since I'd gotten so little exercise, I drove her to the mall and intended to take a walk there, but Sears emailed me $10 in ShopYourWay bucks, which I took as a sign that I should go buy that winter coat that was already more than 50 percent off.

Paul and I watched The Flash (finally a decent Caitlin episode and we should have Drunk Barry more often) and caught up partway on The Gifted (still uneven but good enough to keep watching) around following the election results, which were very heartening nearby in Virginia and in New Jersey! Here are some photos from Golden Gardens Park in Seattle, which is on the beach:

Autumn Beach )
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Poem for Tuesday and Brookside Chrysanthemums [Nov. 7th, 2017|12:01 am]
I Could Ask, But I Think They Use Tweezers )

Yeah, I know I promised yesterday that I would post more about Thor: Ragnarok today, but it'll have to wait till tomorrow because I ran late working on a computer project and watching the Green Bay-Detroit game. It wasn't an exciting day otherwise: some work, some laundry, two Suicune raids with friends, and lots of enjoyment of the continuing insane November weather in the 70s including a walk in Cabin John Park and a walk in the neighborhood.

I set up the Roku I bought weeks ago but hadn't gotten around yet to registering, but I didn't have time to play with the channels (recommendations for which ones have the best free stuff welcome) because Supergirl was on and fortunately this week involved lots of Supercorp and nobody praying to Kara as a god! Not loving the Alex storyline but I get that one of the actresses made it necessary. Here are some pics of the chrysanthemums at Brookside:

Chrysanthemum Season )
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Greetings from Gaithersburg [Nov. 6th, 2017|12:11 am]
Quickie as my day was busy and involved picking up Adam (and his bike) in College Park, going to Minerva for Indian food for lunch, walking around Washingtonian Lake and doing some shopping including examining ridiculous Christmas sweaters in Kohl's and Target, going to see Thor: Ragnarok which I loved and found largely hilarious despite some quibbles (continuity issues, Bechdel fail), meeting my parents for dinner at Ted's Bulletin, driving Adam back to College Park, getting home in time for the delayed broadcast of Madam Secretary. More about all of the above tomorrow; have some pics!

Around Washingtonian Lake )
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Poem for Sunday and Brookside Autumn [Nov. 5th, 2017|12:41 am]
Red Berries )

Saturday was much cooler than Friday, but it was still gorgeous out until the rain arrived in the evening. We had a bunch of chores to do in the morning, then Alice and Avery came over and we went to Brookside Gardens, where the leaves know it's fall even if the weather is confused, and then to Roots Market, which tragically had no Vegetarian Plus black pepper steaks though they did have excellent sharp cheddar and butterbeer.

Chrysanthemum Season )

We came back here for dinner, which included veggie burgers and lots of Halloween candy and cupcakes. Then Alice and Avery went home and Paul and I, disappointed by the Terrapins' loss, caught up on this season's first two episodes of Blindspot, which were quite enjoyable, then last week's episode of Supergirl, which was kind of over the top though I liked the music. And SNL's cameos this week are very fun!
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Poem for Saturday and Seattle Cruise [Nov. 4th, 2017|12:03 am]
November Night )

It was a ridiculous 75 degrees here on November 3. I had ambitious plans to get things done on Friday, as did Maddy, but she had complications and I ended up losing an hour to trying to drive her places that my GPS denied existed (including time lost for keys mysteriously "helped" to a different location in the house by one of the cats). So, yeah, laundry not folded, article not finished.

We had dinner with my parents, then came home and caught up on Designated Survivor, which feels like a mediocre West Wing-Madam Secretary mashup this season. Here are some photos from our cruise in Elliott Bay, where among other things we saw the Space Needle, Post-Intelligencer building, Amgen Helix bridge, Great Wheel, aquarium, cruise ships, stadiums, and Mount Rainier:

On Puget Sound )
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Poem for Friday and Olympic Sculpture Park [Nov. 3rd, 2017|12:01 am]
Tell Me Not Here, It Needs Not Saying )

My day mixed chores and fun -- dropped niece off at a store and stopped to meet friends on the way home, did a bunch of computer work and went to take a walk in the park, had lunch at Lebanese Taverna and did a Suicune raid at the gym nearby, ran into Rose on my way home and fed and snuggled the cats with her. Anyone need leftover Halloween candy?

After dinner, we watched the Penny Johnson-focused new episode of The Orville, which we're very happy will return for a second season, and caught up on Last Week Tonight whose bit on the Australian same sex marriage vote is very funny. Some photos from Seattle's Olympic Sculpture Park, including one from the cruise on Elliott Bay:

Art on the Water )
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Poem for Thursday and Snoqualmie Falls [Nov. 2nd, 2017|12:11 am]
October-November )

It was one of those days where I didn't get 2/3 of my planned work finished, even the little things, but since it was chilly I got a lot of bonding time with cats who wanted a warm body to snuggle (our cat-sitter Rose came to visit and can attest to this). I made the horrifying discovery that there is already eggnog in the grocery store -- yes, Paul decided he had to have some -- and we now have bagels and creamy sriracha, so that's good news. Plus I have ordered a new laptop that will hopefully freeze up far less frequently than the one upon which I'm typing this.

Adam accepted the offer of a spring semester internship with NASA, which we're very excited about for him (he had another offer from a prestigious national agency that he turned down to take the one at NASA). He has to make sure the dates work with his plans to go to Israel over winter break, but it all looks great! Now we're watching the Astros who are about to win the World Series (despite being from L.A., Maddy hates the Dodgers). Here are some photos of Snoqualmie Falls and the park around it, including a poster showing how low the water was when we visited:

Waterfall Spectacular )
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Poem for Wednesday and Halloween [Nov. 1st, 2017|12:19 am]
Through the Eyes of the Soul )

A lot of my Halloween was taken up with post-travel chores -- unpacking, laundry, sorting mail, shopping, picking up Maddy -- but a lot of it was fun, too! The saddest part is that I did not get to see Annmarie, who is moving out of the area tomorrow, because we were both busy with pre- and post-travel stuff around getting ready for trick-or-treaters. I did briefly get to see Karen to retrieve the jack-o-lantern lamp that Paul made at Hot Fired Arts so we could display it for the holiday, and I joined my Pokemon group at the church around the corner for the first nearby Suicune raid.

The neighborhood party started just as I got back from the evening raid. We ate pizza, chatted with friends, watched Darth Vader threaten a much smaller Superman, met several Hogwarts students and Disney princesses, saw our former next door neighbors who bring their kids every year for the party, and stayed for the start of the costume parade, then ran home to put out the jack-o-lantern that Paul carved and gave out lots of candy to visitors, much to the chagrin of the cats. Then we watched the World Series' sixth game and cheered, also to the chagrin of the cats. Best wishes, friends in New York.

Happy Halloween )
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Greetings from Seahurst Park [Oct. 31st, 2017|12:11 am]
We spent most of Monday flying from Sea-Tac (worst managed TSA of any airport I've experienced) to Dulles, but before we returned the rental car, we stopped for a morning walk on the beach at Seahurst Park, where herons competed with gulls and crows for crabs and ferries headed toward the Pacific Ocean. It was chilly but beautiful and we once again got to see Mount Rainier. I finished Origin on the plane; it was better than Inferno and really made me want to go to Barcelona, but if you can't guess who the villain is before the mid-point, you have never seen a movie. Now I'm dealing with a million chores and have to get ready for tomorrow -- Happy Halloween!

On Puget Sound )
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Greetings from Puget Sound [Oct. 30th, 2017|02:05 am]
While most of Seattle was fixated on the Seahawks game, we spent the day at parks and seashores -- the Issaquah Fish Hatchery, Snoqualmie Falls, Golden Gardens park and beach, Ballard Locks and fish ladder -- followed by a visit to the Armory's Day of the Dead celebration and dinner at Cactus. Here are some photos; more from home tomorrow!

Water Everywhere )
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