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Poem for Friday and Boonsboro Raptors [Sep. 15th, 2017|12:04 am]
Still to be Neat )

My Thursday was just as uneventful as my Wednesday. It was warmer, so I took a longer walk in the park where the leaves are starting to change, but otherwise it was chores and stuff, though I got to have dinner with Paul whose company event ended earlier than the day before.

We started watching the Orioles-Yankees game, which was going terribly, so instead we watched Thursday Night Football which was fine because I couldn't bring myself to root against Houston this month. From Boonesborough Days, the rehabilitated birds of Raptors Up Close:

Raptor Rescue )
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Poem for Thursday, Toulouse Architecture, Paris Can Wait [Sep. 14th, 2017|12:02 am]
Toulouse )

My Wednesday was mostly uneventful, as I had boring chores and stuff in the morning, though I did get an EX raid pass for a Pokemon Go raid on Friday evening so that was very exciting! I went for a walk in the park and saw lots of animals there and near home -- squirrels, chipmunks, a bunny, a toad, a praying mantis. Paul had dinner at work because they were having a company event, so I had dinner alone, but then our neighbor Rose stopped by to visit me and the cats. When Paul got home, we watched Inspector Morse.

Then, since the Nationals were losing, I subjected both of us to Paris Can Wait, mostly because I wanted to see the road trip from Cannes through Provence and all the food Diane Lane gets to eat. It's a fairly harmless comedy about a very rich white American woman and an only slightly less rich Frenchman who toy with the idea of having a minor flirtation while enjoying spending money on their travels, and they go to Pont-du-Gard and churches. It made me nostalgic for southern France, so here is some Toulouse architecture from this spring:

Occitan Capital )
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Poem for Wednesday and Boonesborough Days [Sep. 13th, 2017|12:43 am]
Love, Though for This You Riddle Me with Darts )

Another quickie, this time because I was online for far too long tonight chatting with a retailer who shall remain nameless who has for the third time this year lost a package without giving me any clue what happened to it between its posted shipment and when it was supposed to arrive at my house. My day was full of retail failure as I also bought a big plastic poster frame at Michael's only to get home, take off the wrapping, and discover that the plastic was completely warped, requiring me to go back and get a different one.

Otherwise my day was fine, and given the number of people I know in Florida who still don't have power, I really shouldn't complain. Adam is back from Seattle. I did a quick and successful Tyranitar raid at lunchtime, got my hair colored again because even though they promised it would last eight weeks last time, they lied, and had various chore and shopping disasters that prevented various other chores from being finished. Plus we shall not discuss the Nationals or Orioles games! Here are some calming pics from Boonesborough Days:

Boonsboro Crafts )
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Poem for Tuesday, Monday Night Football, Duck [Sep. 12th, 2017|12:21 am]
The Night Is Still )

Quickie, was Skyping with our kids who are hanging out at Daniel's apartment in Seattle before Adam goes to the airport to return to College Park from an interview about a summer internship (he won't know anything for a few weeks at the soonest). My day was uneventful, work and laundry, a walk with deer in the woods, a short shopping trip in the early evening, half-watching the Vikings-Saints and Broncos-Chargers game while doing various things on the computer. Have a duck!

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Poem for Monday, Boonesborough Days, The Orville [Sep. 11th, 2017|12:16 am]
On Summer )

We spent Sunday in the area around South Mountain in spectacular early fall weather. Our first stop was the Boonesborough Days festival in Boonsboro, where we saw rescued raptors, historic cars, Civil War artifacts, a forge, a University of Maryland agriculture school information booth, a portable gristmill, amateur astronomers, a horse and buggy, lots of locally made food, and crafts including glassworks, furniture, pottery, doll clothing, ironworks, candles, ceramics, jewelry, chain maille, paintings, photo art, seasonal decorations, and more. After the festival, we went to South Mountain Creamery, where we got to pet calves and visit chickens and cows before getting cheese and ice cream in the store. We missed all of the Ravens' shutout victory over the Bengals and the Nationals clinching their division for the postseason, but both ended so well that we didn't mind.

Fair and Farm )

We ate a late dinner while watching the first episode of The Orville, which I liked rather better than most of its reviewers, though I may have been in a forgiving mood because I'm so mad at CBS about Discovery. So I enjoyed the wannabe Data with the similar voice, the wannabe Jem'Hadar villains, all the women -- I always love Penny Johnson Jerald, I'm very glad to see Adrianne Palicki on something other than Agents of SHIELD though they need to write her character better -- it is no worse than "Broken Bow" and I liked it better than "Encounter at Farpoint" the first time I watched TNG, so I will certainly watch again next week. It's no "Emissary" or "Caretaker"...but, when I was rolling my eyes, it was because of McFarlane's brand of humor included to lure his usual fans, not because of serious sci-fi stupidity. Afterward we watched this season's final, sad Endeavour, on which I must admit my favorite moment was Roger Allam's Thursday saying, "I am the law!"
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Greetings from Baltimore [Sep. 10th, 2017|12:45 am]
We have had a long, lovely day with friends after dropping off Adam at the airport to fly to Seattle, where he is hanging out with Daniel after eating Thai food. Paul and I went to Baltimore, where we met up with Denise and walked past Camden Yards to the Inner Harbor. We had lunch at Noodles and Co. and went to the National Aquarium -- we saw terrapins while the Terrapins were beating Towson.

In the late afternoon we walked back to Denise's house to hang out for a bit before going to meet Cheryl and other friends who were in town for the Potterverse convention. We ate at Gertrude's restaurant in the Baltimore Museum of Art, where we had great food and a great time catching up (plus excellent desserts). Here are a few pics, more soon!

Charm City )
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Poem for Saturday and Brookside Waterside [Sep. 9th, 2017|12:22 am]
Coldness in Love )

Because I had two coupons and $8 in surprise points, I tried to go shopping at Sears today, which was an epic failure in every way, nearly entirely their fault...okay, it's my fault that I didn't double check the web site this morning to see if a specific item from last night was still in stock, but it's their fault that their computer couldn't figure out whether it could be shipped to the store from another, their fault that their computer wouldn't acknowledge either my coupons or my surprise points, and very much their fault that the signs still all over the store declaring that the shoes were on sale didn't mention that the sale ended 9/4. I ended up ordering from Amazon while I was still in the store and saved money in the process! Also, since I was in the mall anyway, I successfully gathered people for a Raikou raid at the Sprint store and every single one of us caught the Raikou.

My day was otherwise very nice. I had bagels and coffee with Alice, who was in Bethesda for an appointment, and dinner in College Park with my parents and Adam, who is home overnight so we can take him to the airport early Saturday, when he will fly to Seattle for an interview for a summer internship. We ate at Ten Ren Tea, whose name is deceptive because although they do have a really big selection of excellent bubble tea, they also have a decent sized Asian fusion menu including excellent Szechuan and General Tso's tofu (and those of you who eat tofu know how many Chinese restaurants make it with such horrible texture, it doesn't matter how good the sauce is). We watched the end of the Nationals game while Adam discussed interview questions, now we're watching Colbert, whom I skipped last night because I can't stomach one more second of Bernie Sanders. From around the water at Brookside Gardens:

Brookside Pond )
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Poem for Friday and A Pair of Butterflies [Sep. 8th, 2017|12:05 am]
Fungus on Fallen Alder at Lookout Creek )

My Thursday was too uneventful to bother to report -- the biggest excitement was discovering the fudge, Tuscan spices, and fresh bread at the Thursday farmer's market at Cabin John. It wasn't a bad day for me -- there were bunnies and pumpkin pie and the start of the football season with the fear put in Tom Brady by the Chiefs, though there were also multiple hurricanes and wildfires and continuing political idiocy. Here are a couple of Brookside butterflies, and I'll try to be more interesting and less rushed tomorrow!

With Wings )
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Poem for Thursday and Central Coast Aquarium [Sep. 7th, 2017|12:03 am]
Sharks' Teeth )

We had rain all day Wednesday, which was by far the nicest weather nearly anyone I know in the U.S. was experiencing -- older son and Oregon in-laws are under a cloud of smoke and ash, L.A. relatives are under a different cloud of smoke and some have had their AC turned off in rolling blackouts, and I don't have to tell anyone what friends in Texas and Florida are dealing with. But hey, nuclear war with North Korea will make global warming seem like a minor problem!

Anyway, my day was fairly uneventful: some work, some laundry, a Raikou raid, a phone call with one of Maddy's coworkers, froyo at the mall with my mother. One of the BBC channels is showing Inspector Morse on Wednesdays now, so after seeing only a couple of episodes here and there, though we've seen all of both Inspector Lewis and Endeavour, it's nice to see the earlier show! Here are some photos from the Central Coast Aquarium in Avila Beach:

California Creatures )
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Poem for Wednesday, Will, Morro Bay [Sep. 6th, 2017|12:10 am]
Ovid Elegy II:18 )

I was indoors doing laundry and work during the part of Tuesday that was a really nice day, then I went out in the afternoon when it was starting to cloud up (the highlight of which was catching a wild Snorlax at Cabin John Park) and got home shortly before two hours of pouring rain, thunder, lightning, and wind.

We had veggie turkey cutlets for dinner and watched the last two episodes of Will, which just gets crackier as it goes; I kept watching for Jamie Campbell Bower's Marlowe, who seems to have wandered into A Knight's Tale from Velvet Goldmine. Some more photos from Morro Bay, California last month:

Morro Bay )
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