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Poem for Tuesday, Supergirl, McCrillis Azaleas [May. 15th, 2018|12:22 am]
Spring Storm )

My Monday was fairly quiet, though I tried to get done everything I needed to do outdoors early because we had massive thunderstorms forecast for the afternoon (and indeed my county ended up with a tornado warning and hail, though it wasn't near my house). Not much of my day was more exciting than watching the trees blow around, though Katniss was extremely perturbed and ran all around the house meowing unhappily until the storm had passed.

I despised tonight's Supergirl -- I figured almost as soon as Ruby was introduced, before we knew anything about Sam, that she only existed to give Alex an insta-family which surely meant the mother was going to be gotten rid of, and we're moving predictably closer to that with lots of cliches. At least Elementary is back with actual superhero Joan Watson, though I hear this is likely its last season. From McCrillis Gardens on Sunday:

2018-05-13 15.25.08
McCrillis in Bloom )
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Poem for Monday, McCrillis, Trapezaria, Family Stuff [May. 14th, 2018|12:22 am]
The Exposed Nest )

Quickie since Adam is here watching Last Week Tonight with us following Westworld, which he stayed for after a very nice afternoon eating eggs benedict made by Paul, visiting McCrillis Gardens to see the azaleas, and going to my parents' house to Skype with Daniel. The only bad part of my day was that my parents had a major disaster with their kitchen sink and the plumber was so late that my father couldn't go out to dinner at Trapezaria with us, since he had to wait for the sink to be fixed. We stopped back there afterward to say goodnight to him, then came back to feed our ravenous cats and call Paul's parents. Hope everyone else had as nice a Mother's Day!

2018-05-13 15.08.21
Mother's Day )
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Poem for Sunday, Spider-Man 3, Great Falls Encampment [May. 13th, 2018|01:07 am]
Heredity )

We got up reasonably early for a Saturday because we knew it was supposed to be miserably hot, then very stormy later in the day, so after breakfast and some morning chores, we went to Great Falls to hike and see if there were goslings there. We didn't anticipate how many people would be around since we didn't realize it was one of the weekends when the 20th Maine Regiment was reenacting a Civil War encampment, so we only saw a few goslings, but we saw many herons in the river and canal, some turtles, some frogs, even a snake!

Great Falls and Civil War Camp )

I dragged Paul to a Latias raid on the way home (caught on both accounts, so it was worth it), we stopped at Au Bon Pain to get baguettes and chocolate croissants, then we came home for lunch. In the afternoon we ran out to Giant to get cat food ahead of the thunderstorm. After dinner we watched Spider-Man 3 with Cheryl -- I had remembered that one as being pretty bad but Adam assured me there were good memes from it. And Daniel, who never cared about driving, finally took and passed his driving test!
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Poem for Saturday and Civil War Memorial [May. 12th, 2018|12:39 am]
Obituary )

My Friday was almost all boring necessary tasks, but most of the important stuff got done. And I got to fold laundry while watching Thor: Tales of Asgard, which was free on Vudu so I figured I'd see what it was and ended up thoroughly enjoying (the Valkyries! the dark elf mentor! Loki practicing magic!).

We had dinner with my parents, figured out Mother's Day plans, then came home to watch Blindspot, which I am very relieved has been renewed for next year, and Agents of SHIELD, which has been great this season so I'm hoping for good news there. Then we saw the Nationals win, and the Orioles won earlier, so yay!

From the night we saw Rick Astley at the Lincoln Theatre downtown in Shaw, here are photos of Spirit of Freedom -- the African-American Civil War memorial just above the U Street/Cardozo Metro station, including the names of the 200,000+ African-American soldiers -- and the entrance to the African American Civil War Museum:

2018-04-18 18.02.40
African American Civil War Memorial )
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Poem for Friday, Spider-Man 2, Elizabethan Illustration [May. 11th, 2018|12:32 am]
Sonnet XXIV )

I had lots of chores planned for Thursday that did not get done, in large part because I went to the mall for a raid in the morning, ran into a friend there with whom I had lunch, then met my mother and ended up shopping with her for a couple of hours, first at the mall and then at Strathmore's mansion shop, which has beautiful jewelry. Plus I had a visit from my neighbor Rose when I got home with gifts for my cats. So it's all good, though there's a big basket of laundry waiting to be folded in the morning.

Cheryl, Paul, and I watched Spider-Man 2, which I had remembered as better than the first and now I'm not entirely sure why (Dunst has some of the worst dialogue of any woman in any superhero movie and Maguire basically has two facial expressions; something is wrong when James Franco is the best thing in a movie). Here are some photos from the Folger Shakespeare Library exhibit Beyond Words, a collection of book illustrations from Shakespeare's era:

2018-04-01 13.16.52
Beyond Words )
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Poem for Thursday and Garrett Park Gardens [May. 10th, 2018|12:30 am]
A Glimpse )

My Wednesday was a Wednesday, meaning I don't have anything of great import to report. It was a gorgeous day here, not too warm, so I went to the park for some fresh air and two Latias raids (my catch rate is 3/4, which is probably my best ever for a legendary on the first day). The bunnies were out, and the one-eyed cat, and I had a Shutterfly freebie coupon requiring that I spend an hour making refrigerator magnets, which is always fun.

Cheryl and I decided that to continue our Marvel marathon, we should watch the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man movies, but wow, did we actually once think these were good? The dialogue is all overwrought in the first one and the acting ranges from outrageously over the top to just awful. I like Kristen Dunst but her entire audition must have consisted of screaming. Because Garrett Park is beautiful beyond the azaleas, here are some more garden photos!

Arboretum Town )
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Poem for Wednesday and Garrett Park Azaleas [May. 9th, 2018|12:21 am]
To a Man )

I had a very uneventful morning taking Paul to his colonoscopy, which went fine (though you'd think an office where people are going to be waiting two hours would have more comfortable chairs and places to plug in phones, laptops, etc.). Afterward, we came home for a very bland lunch and both worked a bit from here, then I went out for the first Latias raids at local parks where the weather was lovely.

We watched The Flash, which started better than it ended, and The 100, which has been even more unsettling than usual this season and I want to see more of the characters I care about. I got my preliminary ancestry DNA results and I am at least 87% Eastern European Jewish, with the rest from places in Europe where Sephardic Jews went, no surprise! From Garrett Park last weekend, some more azalea color:

2018-05-05 13.45.57
Azalea Color )
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Poem for Tuesday and Spring at Lake Whetstone [May. 8th, 2018|12:37 am]
Firmanent/Tearing )

I had a bunch of chores to do on Monday so I made them fun, stopping for a Pokemon raid at St. Elizabeth's, where I am probably the only local player who had never done a raid, and going to AC Moore for jump rings and finding that all bead strands were 4 for $10, even the ones that usually cost $5.99 each. So I made a necklace with blue glass beads and turtles while talking to Maddy about her day instead of folding the laundry, but it's all good, I can do that tomorrow.

Paul is having a colonoscopy tomorrow, meaning I have to drive him, meaning not much else is going to get done tomorrow but hey, I will still be having a better day than he will! Tonight we watched Supergirl and Elementary around the Caps' victory over the Penguins, in which I can't pretend I have much invested since I never watch hockey but I know local people who will be thrilled! Here are some more photos from Lake Whetstone yesterday, including geese, turtles, and flowers!

Around the Lake )
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Greetings from Lake Whetstone [May. 7th, 2018|12:06 am]
Quickie, Adam is here watching John Oliver with us following Westworld (which is the real reason he's here so late, heh) and Timeless, which we saw while eating ice cream after having gone to Grand Fusion for dinner. Earlier we had brunch, visited my parents for a bit, then went to Lake Whetstone to see the goslings (plus turtles, songbirds and Montgomery Village azaleas). Here are some pics!

Geese and Goslings )
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Poem for Sunday, Fantastic Four 2, Garrett Park Azaleas [May. 6th, 2018|12:56 am]
Springing )

We thought about spending Saturday either at Lake Whetstone or at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, but the weather was iffy in the morning and had some periods of pouring rain in the afternoon, so it was just as well we weren't ambitious about getting out early. We ended up going to Garrett Park, the former railroad town and first nuclear-weapons free zone in the United States that is now by its own bylaws an arboretum:

Garden Yards )

We stopped at Giant for cat food and tortilla chips, came home in the rain, had tacos for dinner for Cinco de Mayo, and watched the Kentucky Derby. Then we watched Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, which remains pretty terrible (it was at least largely a surprise to me, because I had blocked out just about everything that happens in it). Now we're watching SNL's cast of America's best guest comedians in the cold open and Donald Glover!
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