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Poem for Tuesday and Cold Great Falls [Jan. 9th, 2018|12:06 am]
Flaming June )

We sent Daniel back to Seattle on Monday -- my mother drove to Dulles, much to my gratitude because since they started the Metro work I absolutely hate that drive! He has already landed and is getting settled with his new MAGFest art and warmer weather. Meanwhile Adam is flying back to the US from Israel in a few hours, though I think they snuck out to the beach late at night one last time.

We had sleet and freezing rain on and off all afternoon and evening, so I stayed in after dropping off Daniel and Paul worked from home in the late afternoon because so many people had left to pick up their kids from early dismissal. Now we're hoping Georgia keeps beating Alabama in the championship! From Great Falls on Sunday, some photos of ice on the river, since the canal had been drained to protect it:

Wintry River )
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Poem for Monday, Icy Falls, Golden Globes [Jan. 8th, 2018|12:11 am]
The Spell of the Yukon )

Another quickie because Daniel is flying back to Seattle on Monday and we're watching the Golden Globe Awards, which have been political and sarcastic and, if nothing else, have not dragged, though I didn't see most of the TV award winners or the frontrunners for Best Picture (I love Allison Janney, I think Gary Oldman was phenomenal in Darkest Hour, I think The Handmaid's Tale should win everything for which it is ever nominated, I can't feel good for Ewan in the midst of his cheating scandal, but I have to admit the winner that made me happiest was Alexandre Desplat's soundtrack award because he is too often overlooked). Here are photos of the rest of my day:

Cold Sunday )
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Greetings from Maryland [Jan. 7th, 2018|12:48 am]
Saturday was very, very cold. Paul had no desire to be out walking in the weather, so I only ventured out when I had places I needed to be or Sevipers I needed to catch. We watched North Dakota State beat JMU in the FCS Championship and Tennessee beat Kansas City in their NFL wild card game, though I was doing other things while sports was on, and Maddy was in and out. After dinner we went to pick up Daniel from National Harbor and hung out watching the Atlanta-L.A. game. A few pics:

Cold Saturday )
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Poem for Saturday and USBG Trains [Jan. 6th, 2018|12:01 am]
Cold Poem )

It was miserably cold on Friday -- again, not as bad as many other places, but cold enough to make me want to spend as little time outdoors as possible. I drove Maddy to work, met friends inside the mall, and did a Groudon raid, but otherwise I spent the day working indoors!

We had dinner with my parents, then came home and watched the US figure skating women's championship, which was quite good this year (Bradie, Mirai, Karen, Ashley, Starr!). Have some photos from last month of the US Botanical Garden's Roadside America miniature train display:

American Travel )
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Poem for Friday, National Harbor, X-Files [Jan. 5th, 2018|12:08 am]
Suffering the Unattainable )

As predicted, we got snow overnight, and though it was not nearly as much as my sister Nicole got in New York or my friends in Pennsylvania, it closed local schools and backed up local roads. So we got a later start than we had expected getting Daniel to the Gaylord National for MAGFest, though it was a nice ride with the Potomac River dramatically frozen past the shores and the stone circles of the National Harbor complex. When we got home, Paul went into the office (he had worked from home in the snow in the morning) and I did a bunch of cleanup chores put off while the kids were here, the most ridiculous of which was unpacking our wedding china -- yes really -- because we decided it was ridiculous we weren't using it at this point instead of keeping it packed away in case some day we have formal dinner parties.

Harbor Stones )

After dinner we watched the first episode of the new season of The X-Files, which we'd missed the night before at the movies with Daniel. I don't know what to say about it except that Chris Carter is a massive troll, whether or not the revelations of this episode prove to be true (given that they negate not only the events of last season but things that have been shown or implied for more than a decade). Fake news jokes are one thing, but when you start a season by showing how the moon landing was faked, you better either be preparing to reverse course and cement everything your viewers thought was true by the end of the season or be prepared to have both old and new viewers abandon your franchise, leaving you only with right wing conspiracy loons as your legacy. You get one more week to stop screwing with fans!
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Poem for Thursday and Grover Cleveland Home [Jan. 4th, 2018|12:12 am]
It would be neat if with the New Year... )

It remains very cold in the DC area -- not nearly as bad as other parts of the country, and with much less snow, but still too much so for me to want to spend much time outdoors. So I was not sorry to have a bunch of work to do on Thursday while Daniel was working here -- he had two phone conferences, so I got him California Tortilla and myself Goldberg's Bagels and we ate in the kitchen. He has plans to meet friends on Thursday at a convention downtown, so we're hoping not to get too much snow tonight.

After dinner, despite the fact that Daniel has not seen The Room -- though he is familiar with the Rocky Horror-type presentations of it in L.A. and Seattle -- we went to see The Disaster Artist, which is both extremely funny and far better acted than The Room. The comparison shots over the credits are so much fun to watch. And here are some photos of Grover Cleveland's birthplace in New Jersey, including holiday decorations, his father's church, a bathtub of the area, and family needlework:

Presidential Birthplace )
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Poem for Wednesday, Walters Religion, A Good Day To Die Hard [Jan. 3rd, 2018|12:08 am]
Now )

Paul and Maddy went to work and Daniel worked from our house on Tuesday, so it was a quiet busy day for all of us. Daniel and I had Lebanese Taverna for lunch, which I picked up when I took Maddy to work, and watched San Andreas while we were both on our computers in the afternoon since he hadn't seen it and it's not exactly intellectually challenging.

Since the menfolk were having beef stroganoff for dinner, I had vegetarian leftovers, then we finished our Die Hard marathon with A Good Day To Die Hard, still by far the weakest of the series, too long and unfunny (and now that I know Ewan McGregor ran off with the actress who plays McClane's daughter, ewww). Some of the religious art on display at the Walters Museum:

Icons and Statues )
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Poem for Tuesday and New Year's Day [Jan. 2nd, 2018|12:11 am]
Nothing Gold Can Stay )

Just after I posted Happy New Year on Facebook last night, I discovered that Irene Ginsberg Steinberg -- an acquaintance from high school and a Facebook friend of many years though I hadn't seen her in a long time -- died along with her husband and three sons in a horrible plane crash in Costa Rica during the last hours of 2017. So my New Year's Day has been spent in a kind of surreal fog. I watched the Rose Parade and Outback Bowl with Paul and Daniel without paying much attention because I was talking online with mutual friends, catching up with people and wishing I'd talked to Irene more when I had the chance. She was always a genuinely nice, generous person and it sounds as though her entire community is devastated.

We went to my parents' in the late afternoon to watch the Rose Bowl and have dinner (pizza, salad, and appetizers that can be eaten while following a football game), though it went on so long that my mother and I had dug a bunch of treasures out of basement closets and we'd packed things up and come home before the second overtime ended. Then we watched Live Free or Die Hard (since Daniel had never seen it, which is what set us off on the Die Hard post-Christmas marathon in the first place), which was pretty enjoyable despite the Bechdel Test fail). As I type this, the Sugar Bowl is still going but it looks like Alabama is going to defeat Clemson, unfortunately. A few wintry photos of the ruins at Gathland:

Near South Mountain )
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Poem for New Year's Day and Walters Museum [Jan. 1st, 2018|12:39 am]
Circus in Three Rings )

I spent the day before New Year's Eve with Cheryl, Paul, and Daniel, first in Baltimore, where we had Indian buffet at Lumbini and went to see the Walters Museum's Faberge exhibit plus their fantastic Asian, Egyptian, and European collections, then in Bethesda, where we went to see The Greatest Showman (which I loved despite vast historical inanities -- I thought they rewrote Barnum to make it a teeny bit more accurate and fair! -- and utter predictability if you've ever seen a Hollywood musical whether you know anything about Barnum or not -- plus we ran into my parents and friends at the movies) and have dinner at Tara Thai. We were then going to go to Karen and Jim's party but Maddy came home early and due to various chaos we ended up staying in, watching Die Hard With a Vengeance until Graham Norton's midnight New Year's Eve show with Jackman, Efron, and Zendaya. Happy New Year!

Baltimore )
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Poem for Sunday and Snowy Saturday [Dec. 31st, 2017|12:11 am]
December Snow )

It snowed overnight Saturday, so while Adam was enjoying warm weather in Haifa, we were slugs and watched bowl games. We went out for a while in the afternoon because it was the last day I could use my Krispy Kreme free donut-and-coffee (well, hot chocolate) birthday coupon, and we stopped at the food store, but it was a fairly quiet snow day.

Having watched our low-quality Die Hard DVD on Christmas Eve, we decided to get all the movies on Blu-Ray with holiday gift cards, so we watched Die Harder after dinner. I haven't seen it in ages and I still don't like it as much as the original and Die Hard with a Vengeance but it was fun to see Willis and Sadler so young. Happy last day of 2017!

Snow Saturday )
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