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Poem for Friday, Around Shaw, The Wolverine [Apr. 20th, 2018|12:01 am]
In D.C. )

My Thursday was as unexciting as my Wednesday was awesome. It's still ridiculously chilly for April (we have a freeze warning tonight!), it was overcast, I had laundry to put away and beads to restring, plus lots of unaddressed email and news and stuff from the day before. I did go walk in the park so I could get some exercise and I went around the corner to meet friends for a very unsuccessful Pokemon raid, but the only other incident worth reporting was Maddy bringing me pumpernickel bagels from work.

Cheryl, Paul, and I watched The Wolverine, which remains in my top three X-Men films, has very interesting women, and uses every possible excuse to get Hugh Jackman's shirt off. Here are some photos from around Shaw in DC before the concert last night, a neighborhood full of gorgeous murals, jazz clubs and other musical venues, the famous Ben's Chili Bowl, Civil War and 1968 riot memorials, plus lots of new restaurants and expensive housing around Howard University:

2018-04-18 17.47.17
Off U Street )
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Lyrics for Thursday and Rick Astley Concert [Apr. 19th, 2018|12:32 am]
Together Forever )

Extreme quickie as I am eating a very, very late dinner after going to see Rick Astley at the Lincoln Theatre in the amazing Shaw neighborhood -- I won the tickets from a radio station and didn't realize the seats were general admission, so we had to skip eating next door at Ben's Chili Bowl to get good seats, but it was worth it because a friend of Adam's had also won tickets and we got to sit with him and his friends. Here are a few pics of the concert, which was fantastic -- some AC/DC, some Rihanna, some Ed Sheeran, plus lots of Astley and of course a long rickroll at the end:

2018-04-18 20.25.24
Never Gonna Give You Up )
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Poem for Wednesday, Black Lightning, Camargue Flamingos [Apr. 18th, 2018|12:31 am]
The Flamingos )

Most of my chilly, overcast, depressing-for-a-spring-day Tuesday involved work and chores not worth discussing. I ran into a couple of friends panicking about getting their taxes done, though it turns out that the government is giving people an extra day to get them filed because the IRS web site crashed. Maddy was one of the people working on them, though I believe she put them in the mail this evening. I had lots of laundry to put away so I took the opportunity to switch out my clothes for the spring in the hope it will arrive.

Because I have tickets to see Rick Astley tomorrow night downtown, Cheryl, Paul, and I postponed our X-Men marathon for a couple of days so we could watch The Flash (extremely meh, please can the DeVos storyline be over already) and the Black Lightning season finale (wonderful, no white boys preaching about how Heroes Never Ever Kill People, a villain whose motto is "Make America Great Again"). I was really missing the Camargue, so from 2017, here are flamingoes at the Parc Ornithologique de Pont-de-Gau:

Pink in Sun )
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Poem for Tuesday, X-Men First Class, Downtown Color [Apr. 17th, 2018|01:01 am]
That Music Always Round Me )

My Monday was not exciting, though I got to walk in the park once the pouring rain stopped and be grateful I didn't have to drive on the Beltway while three lanes of it right near me were closed due to flooding. It was a very gray, overcast day even when the storms started, but there are lots of flowers in the neighborhood -- still many azaleas and magnolias, some remaining cherry and early apple blossoms, the end of the daffodils, the start of the tulips, plus hyacinths in gardens and dandelions at roadsides -- so it wasn't gloomy. I had two long phone calls with friends who are having crazy springs due to changing job and family stuff, so that was nice, though made me bummed they're so busy.

I went to the food store with Paul before dinner and met MoCoPoGo friends for a quick raid. We watched tonight's Supergirl, which really confirmed for me that I'm not just bored with but disliking the show this season (I don't care about Winn or Mon-El's family angst, I am dreading watching them kill off Reign so Alex gets her insta-family, there's too little Kara and Lena). Then we watched X-Men: First Class, which is always a pleasure because McAvoy, Fassbender, Lawrence, and Hoult are great together. Now I am rushing because we have a bunch of weekend family plans to try to coordinate, so here are some more downtown flower and National Portrait Gallery photos!

2018-04-15 11.25.11
More Rainy Downtown Day )
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Poem for Monday, Potted Potter, Rainy DC [Apr. 16th, 2018|12:11 am]
Pursuit )

Despite some less than ideal weather, I spent a fine Sunday downtown with Paul and Cheryl, with whom I had tickets to see Potted Potter at the Shakespeare Theatre Company's Sidney Harman Hall. First, we went and walked around what was left of the cherry blossoms -- at this point the trees are more green than pink and white, though they're still pretty, especially on a rainy day -- and took what was supposed to be our picnic to the mostly-deserted food court at L'Enfant Plaza. On the way to the theater, we stopped at the National Portrait Gallery to see the new Obama portraits and the Sylvia Plath exhibit. The play itself is hilarious in the manner of an extended Renfaire skit (if you've seen Shakespeare's Skum do Henry V, it's that sort of interpretation) and includes audience participation Quidditch and a climactic duel set to disco.

2018-04-15 16.06.44A
Rainy Downtown Day )

It was a Pokemon Community Day, so I caught shiny Mareep on the way to the car, then we came back to the house and ordered pizza which we ate while watching X-Men extras. Eventually Cheryl had to go home, while Maddy was in the midst of a big cleanup of her room so we all got organized for garbage pickup on Monday. Then we watched Timeless and Last Week Tonight (on which John Oliver revealed that he bought a bunch of Russell Crowe's props at Russell's divorce auction to try to help the last Blockbuster in Alaska, including the leather jock strap from Cinderella Man and Javert's vest from Les Miserables though not Jack Aubrey's violin). And Adam survived his kayaking expedition, though his inflatable kayak did not!
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Poem for Sunday and Canal Bluebells + Animals [Apr. 15th, 2018|12:46 am]
The Bluebell )

Saturday felt like a glorious summer day -- the best kind, low humidity with a gorgeous breeze. After lunch (and an EX raid at Starbucks where we got frappuccinos), we went to walk along the C&O Canal to see the bluebells, which we knew from other local parks were in full bloom. They were glorious and we also got to see lots of spring animals, including frogs, turtles, ducks, songbirds, snakes, and a great many creatures appeared to be frisky from the lovely weather:

It's been a rough week for a lot of people I know; my parents lost a very longtime friend, someone I've known for decades, and tonight one of my good friends discovered that another friend had passed away earlier in the day. So we ended up staying in tonight, talking to Maddy about taxes and stuff and catching up on Agents of SHIELD, which has been a fairly good distraction this year. Younger son is kayaking and camping off the grid all weekend, hopefully being careful!

Spring Fever )
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Poem for Saturday, X-Men Origins, Kenwood Flowers [Apr. 14th, 2018|12:10 am]
Tulips )

My Friday the 13th started unpleasantly, since I had to have fasting blood tests that the office called to postpone from 8 to 9:30 a.m., then kept me waiting for another 45 minutes before they even got me into a room. I was so hungry when I left that I went straight to the nearby mall to get Indian food for lunch, then I did a little shopping since I was already there. Since the mall is right near Cabin John Park, I then went there to take a walk. The temperatures reached 80+ degrees, though apparently on Sunday we'll be back to possible wintry mix -- I'm not ready for the 80s, but can't we have a week when it really feels like spring with no threat of snow? At least it's good weather for Georgetown to play baseball in the park.

We had dinner with my parents -- I ran into a friend from elementary school on the way there, who sadly was back in the neighborhood for a family funeral -- and watched the start of the Nationals game, which did not end well, nor did the Orioles. Then came home to watch X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which I think is no one's favorite X-Men movie including mine, though I do think it's better than its reputation (for one thing, it's more memorable and watchable than X2, and for another, it has Hugh Jackman in pretty much every scene and his naked butt in several, even if some of those scenes are kind of dumb while others are gratuitous action). Here are some of the other flowers blooming in Kenwood along with the cherry blossoms:

Kenwood in Bloom )
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Poem for Friday, Cabin John Woodpecker, X-Men: The Last Stand [Apr. 13th, 2018|12:14 am]
The Woodpecker Keeps Returning )

Thursday, finally, felt like spring, though we have been warned that the temperatures will be back in the 40s soon -- it was around 70 and sunny. I had some writing to get done, then after lunch I went to the park to enjoy it! Not only did I get to see woodpeckers, robins, finches, sparrows, crows, and lots of flowering trees and ground cover, but I finished the Pokemon Go special research quest (with some help from a friend I ran into in the park who can throw an excellent curveball far more consistently than myself) and now I have a Mew!

2018-04-12 16.43.58
Cabin John )

Paul and I had Thai food for dinner since Songkran is starting soon, then we watched X-Men: The Last Stand with Cheryl. I know a lot of people think this one is the worst of the original trilogy but I actually remembered the details of it a lot better than X2 (in fact I don't think I could pass a quiz on X2 and I just watched it last night). I like how much of it is about Jean, Ororo, and Marie, and I don't think I ever saw the post-credits scene before though I knew what happened in it, so that was fun!
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Poem for Thursday and Kenwood in Bloom [Apr. 12th, 2018|12:48 am]
Untitled Shaman Song )

Wednesday was a spectacularly gorgeous day and I got pretty much no work done! After skimming my morning email and deciding I absolutely could not deal with the news (and that was before the Ryan and Boehner stuff, when it was only Trump declaring World War III on Twitter), I went an hour early to meet Kay for lunch so I could walk around Washingtonian Lake. We ate at Tara Thai, talked for a long time, she gave me a pair of super-sparkly earrings made from fishing lures as a belated birthday present, then I stopped in Charming Charlie to look at the BOGO clearance stuff, and on my way out I bumped into several members of my Pokemon raiding group looking for Magikarp so I went to a Lapras raid and walked around the lake with them.

I had good news for Paul: I won tickets for us to see Rick Astley next week downtown! He went into work and came home early so we could go to Bethesda to walk around the Kenwood cherry blossoms, which are near peak and look gorgeous, plus there are lots of tulips and forsythia and we saw a bunny. Since we were right nearby, we stopped at Whole Foods and had Ledo's Pizza for dinner. Then we came home and watched X2 with Cheryl, which I remembered very little, or at least what I thought I remembered were things that actually happened in later movies (and really a movie that's more than two hours long should have more character development). Now I'm getting the news filtered by Noah and Colbert -- so much for my good day!

Kenwood Cherry Blossoms )
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Poem for Wednesday and Blooming Bluebells [Apr. 11th, 2018|12:32 am]
Poem Full of Worry Ending with My Birth )

Although it isn't really warm enough to feel like April, it was sunny on Tuesday, which made the breeze feel a lot nicer. I did the stuff I had to do in the morning so that after stopping at the mall for some unsuccessful shopping, I could take a nice long walk along the creek and see the violets and buttercups blooming across from the park train station. Near the tennis center there were Virginia bluebells blooming!

2018-04-10 17.18.26A
Finally Springing )

Paul, Cheryl, and I took a night off from Marvel movies to watch The Flash (where now they've ruined by memory manipulation the female villain who was the only thing making this season's endless boring arc worthwhile) and Black Lightning (not as good as last week's police brutality episode but still excellent). I can no longer deal even with late night comics reporting the news, urgh!
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