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Greetings from SHIELD [Aug. 13th, 2020|01:32 am]
Running late on everything because, after a big afternoon storm cut short our walk but didn't stop us from being able to make or eat dinner, our power went out ten minutes into The 100 and we wound up at my parents' so we could watch the finale of Agents of SHIELD in their basement. That worked out fine -- my parents watched baseball upstairs, my mother made us cookies, I mostly liked the ending (I have quibbles with the short-term fates of a couple of people but nothing that can't be fixed in canon, let alone fic).

The power was back on at home before the episode ended, we got to see a gray tree frog hanging out on the bricks of my parents' garage as we were leaving, and our cats were only moderately put out that the AC came back on before we could turn on the heating blanket. Though I can't be happy about the storm, which nearly devastated Ellicott City again and caused a lot of flooding in Baltimore and Manassas, it did break the heat for a while, which I'm sure my deck thermometers were happy about:

Warm Fuzzies )
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Poem for Wednesday and Brookside Gardens [Aug. 12th, 2020|01:42 am]
The Good Light )

Tuesday morning was quiet around here, then Biden announced Harris as his running mate and I was in a good mood for the rest of the day even though Adam sent various memes mocking her and Biden (he has not revised his teenage belief that all politicians should be mashed into patties and served to the populace). I think Daniel was more concerned about the cancellation of college football seasons -- his girlfriend is a big WSU fan.

We took a walk in the early evening when the temperature dropped and saw several bunnies, then we had leftover Thai basil chick'n with peanut noodles and watched the season finale of Stargirl, which was great -- that whole show has been a bright spot during quaratine TV -- and the craziness of the Orioles game where they kept going ahead, then letting the Phillies catch up until they finally won in extra innings. From Brookside last week:

Summer Color )
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Poem for Tuesday and Meadowside Raptors [Aug. 11th, 2020|01:38 am]
The Eagle )

Monday was very hot and fairly uneventful. There was lightning in the area but we got no storm here, so we took a long walk in the evening when it finally cooled off. There was a terrible gas explosion in Baltimore, so I watched the news for a while as I did various chores. As I post old photos, I keep finding things I need to look up, so today it was Newport geography and history.

We watched two episodes of Antiques Roadshow (I don't think I have any valuable treasures in this house) and some of the Nationals' big victory over the Mets (which was a relief to me after the Orioles games, though I'm worried about Doolittle). Here are some of the raptors at Meadowside Nature Center, though we couldn't get very close since the enclosures are closed because of coronavirus:

Meadowside Raptors )
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Greetings from Meadowside Nature Center [Aug. 10th, 2020|01:38 am]
We had plans on Sunday to pick up an order from Roots Market, which carries a bunch of organic food we can't get elsewhere and doesn't deliver in our area. So we went to Meadowside, which is on the way; the nature center itself is closed but someone is obviously feeding the rehabilitated raptors and filling the feeders for the songbirds, and the nature trails are open and nearly devoid of people, since there are signs warning everyone not to go into the water because of dangerous algae blooms so there weren't people wading in Rock Creek as there are at Cabin John Park.

We had burgers for dinner and Skyped with our kids and both sets of grandparents (Adam and Katherine still trying to figure out where they want to/can live and work next year, Daniel quite happy where he is both living and working). Then we watched the season finale of Perry Mason, probably my favorite episode of the reboot since it's so talky and well-acted, though they left a couple of huge things unexplained (and apparently dropped for good). Afterwards, we tried watching Wynonna Earp, but I lasted maybe 15 minutes before the violence made me say no way, no more!

2020-08-09 15.44.17
Family Sunday )
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Greetings from Cabin John Park [Aug. 9th, 2020|01:07 am]
Saturday was Pokemon Go Community Day for August, so I spent a stupid amount of time catching Magikarp and evolving it into Gyarados (I have a decent number of shinies if anyone needs a Red Gyarados). At first I played at my computer while uploading old beach photos to Facebook, since we were on trips in 2004, 2005, 2007, 2011, and 2013 whose pics never got shared; then we went to Cabin John Park to walk, where it wasn't too horribly hot under the trees by the creek and there were few people.

Community Day )

We had socially distanced dinner at my parents from Grand Fusion -- food was excellent, delivery was a bit of a disaster as the food arrived insanely early and the Kung Pao tofu never showed up -- and watched the Nationals-Orioles game, which the Nats were winning when we left but the Os won after some Nats pitching disasters. Then we watched The American, which my father had recommended, which is well-acted but largely depressing and the women's roles aren't great, though this SNL rerun is!
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Poem for Saturday and Summer at Glenstone [Aug. 8th, 2020|01:19 am]
Giddy Grasshopper )

Friday was fairly calm -- storm and flood watches that never amounted to anything (though my sister STILL has no power from the hurricane!), long lunch zoom chat with two of my best friends from high school, walk in the afternoon during which we saw four bunnies, two of whom were babies, plus the frog in the fish pond. Plus we got groceries delivered so now I have more cheese.

We watched the Orioles beat the Nationals by 11 runs (!), then the Neil Diamond Hot August Night concert from 2012 on PBS, and now the Dodgers/Giants game which the Dodgers are winning handily. Here are some photos from walking around the grounds at Glenstone last weekend, where we saw many grasshoppers and butterflies (one of these photos has a frog, too, but I can't see it either)!

2020-08-02 14.25.19
Natural Art )
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Poem for Friday and Brookside Blossoms [Aug. 7th, 2020|01:31 am]
For K.J., Leaving And Coming Back )

We had thunderstorm warnings and flood watches on Thursday, but apart from a loud overnight storm and some early evening rain, we were again spared the worst of the weather. So I had a fairly quiet day doing things at home, then we took a walk in the late afternoon before the rain and visited our local baby bunnies.

After dinner we watched PBS's broadcast of Present Laughter with Kevin Kline, Cobie Smulders and Kate Burton, which was more fun than I was expecting given my hatred of white male mid-life crisis stories; Kline is very funny and all the performances are good. Spme flowers from Brookside Gardens last weekend:

Summer Flowers )
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Poem for Thursday and Glenstone Water Court [Aug. 6th, 2020|01:34 am]
On the Grasshopper and Cricket )

We had a calm Wednesday around here, though I have several friends -- and my sister -- in New York and Connecticut who still have no power and I feel terrible for them because we got it so easy from the hurricane. I sorted several years' worth of beach photos from both Delaware and the Outer Banks and organized a bunch of writing, and took a walk during which I was delighted to discover that my neighbors who had moved away for a year to work elsewhere are settling back in!

We watched the near-final episodes of The 100 and Agents of SHIELD, both of which are having really good final seasons so I'll be sad to see them go although it's also definitely time. (Indra better survive and thrive, and Daisy had better too.) In between we watched Rise of the Mammals on PBS, which was fascinating. Here are some photos of the water court in the center of Glenstone's main pavilion, which has fish, frogs, dragonflies, and at this time of year many grasshoppers:

2020-08-02 14.51.34
Summer Life )
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Poem for Wednesday and Hurricane Isaias [Aug. 5th, 2020|01:06 am]
After The Storm )

We made no plans for Tuesday because we knew that Hurricane Isaias was coming, and indeed the storm had made landfall before I went to bed Monday night, but it largely spared our area -- the problems in Maryland were mostly south and east of us, including a couple of tornadoes and some bad flooding, and I have friends in New York and Connecticut who lost their power, but we only had hard rain here in the early morning hours that turned into late morning drizzle and then a partly cloudly, muggy afternoon.

So most of the news I ended up watching was about the tragedy in Beirut and the couple of primaries taking place Tuesday, plus the arguments about whether Black Widow, like Mulan, will debut streaming for $30 (I very much hope so, I don't want it to be delayed again and I also don't want to risk my health in a movie theater). We watched Stargirl while the Orioles were in a rain delay, then the Orioles while the Nationals were in a rain delay; the former lost, the latter won. After the storm:

2020-08-04 18.08.44
Storm Day )
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Poem for Tuesday and Brookside Butterflies [Aug. 4th, 2020|01:27 am]
Hurricane )

It was a quiet Monday around here apart from accidentally flooding the laundry room because I didn't realize the filter over the drainpipe from the washing machine to the sink had gotten jammed from having to wash the rug from the bathroom with the litterboxes. So the laundry is done but not folded, the floor is mopped but has no rug, and Effie, who hides down there when there are storms, is angry that someone else was poking around her space while there was thunder.

Otherwise, we spent the day following news of the hurricane creeping up the coast, with breaks for watching baseball and Antiques Roadshow, plus burgers for dinner. Brookside Gardens had to cancel its annual Wings of Fancy butterfly show, but whether because July was so hot or the pollution is so low with fewer people around, this has been a spectacular summer for butterflies, swallowtails in particular, so here are some of the ones we saw outdoors at Brookside on Saturday:

Swallowtails )
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