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Poem for Wednesday and Winterthur Yuletide [Dec. 13th, 2017|12:08 am]
Psalm III )

I got to continue celebrating Tuesday having lunch at CPK with Kay before Chanukah started in the evening! Though I must peevishly note, like many December babies, how aggravating it is not to have recovered from the one before jumping into the would be so nice to be able to move my birthday to June. Before lunch I tried to catch up on phone calls and emails I didn't have time to get to on Monday, and after lunch I did a bunch of shopping and worked on holiday cards.

Paul made (faux) chicken and latkes for the first night of Chanukah and we watched some more episodes of The Crown courtesy Maddy's Netflix, though she had to work late into the evening. It's quite joyless so far this season; I get that they're trying to humanize her but if the point is that monarchy still serves a valuable function, it's not conveying to this American viewer. I know it's Chanukah but the photos I cropped are all Christmas trees from Yuletide at Winterthur, oops!

Brandywine Christmas )
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Poem for Tuesday and Thor Birthday Card [Dec. 12th, 2017|12:08 am]
New Year Poem )

After a couple of early morning phone calls catching up with friends, I spent my birthday with Cheryl, who brought me DVDs and action figures and took me out for Indian food in between viewings of Austenland (more fun and less fangirl-mocking than I expected) and Midnight in Paris (because of Tom Hiddleston as Fitzgerald, and I'm afraid I made snide comments throughout).

Then we met Paul at the mall to see Darkest Hour, which I loved -- some historical inaccuracies and some scripted hyperbole but it's Churchill and George VI just before Dunkirk and Gary Oldman (whom I don't always love) gives a phenomenal performance. After the movie we went to Tara Thai for dinner. Paul gave me some DVDs plus Star Wars and crab-themed jewelry and drew me this!

Now Give Us A Kiss )

We have spent the latter part of the evening watching the New England-Miami game, which has not made my husband or in-laws happy nor I'm sure my father as well. Maddy gave me a pair of penguin fuzzy socks, I talked briefly to Daniel, and Adam posted an incriminating video of me to Facebook, which is about the best one can hope for from one's college age offspring, so it's all good!
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Poem for Monday and Rural Frederick [Dec. 10th, 2017|11:53 pm]
First Sight )

I had a very nice, busy Sunday! We picked up Adam in College Park and went to Brunswick, where we had lunch at Beans in the Belfry (I had an egg-and-hummus croissant and we shared praline and chocolate pie), then went to look at antiques. Our intention was to visit the Frederick farm festival stops we missed because of snow, but it turned out most of them were closed, so we only went to South Mountain Creamery for cows and eggnog, then to Kiparoo Farm where the barn shop wasn't open but we got to see the sheep. We also shopped a bit in Middletown before coming back to our county.

My parents took us all to dinner at Not Your Average Joe's (I had my usual favorite, the goat cheese and raspberry salad, plus they gave me ice cream cake for my birthday) before we drove Adam back to College Park to finish out the semester in the next couple of weeks. We made it home in time for Madam Secretary and the end of the Ravens-Steelers game, which has turned into a nail-biter -- we missed Washington's game entirely but I'm told that we didn't actually "miss" anything much. Here are photos from lunch, the creamery, the already-snow-free sheep farm, and dinner...more tomorrow!

A Day Out )
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Poem for Sunday and Snow Day [Dec. 10th, 2017|12:41 am]
Freedom Ride )

We had lots of plans for Saturday, like going to Frederick County's Museums by Candlelight with Adam, that we realized as soon as we woke up were going to have to be changed because the light dusting of snow originally forecast went on till after dark and ultimately left a pile on our deck and porch, though the roads were too warm for any serious accumulation. We decided that driving on rural roads was probably not the best idea and stayed close to home instead, taking a walk in the snowy park after dropping Maddy off at work and doing holiday-related stuff while watching the Army-Navy game.

Paul made Swedish rye bread and we had that for dinner along with soup, Irish cheddar, peanut butter, and marzipan roll. Then Maddy let us log in to her Netflix and watch the first three episodes of the new season of The Crown, which...well, I miss Churchill, I don't care about Philip's man-pain, and I'm not sure a single one of those episodes passed the Bechdel Test despite ostensibly being about the Queen, so I can't say I loved them. Now we're watching SNL, where it is fun watching the actors crack each other up, at least! Hopefully tomorrow I will be more interesting!

Finally Like December )
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Poem for Saturday and Longwood Holidays [Dec. 9th, 2017|12:16 am]
Before The Snow )

I did work all morning Friday and I had plans to get a lot of progress made on holiday cards in the afternoon, but then Pokemon Go released a bunch of Generation 3 Pokemon and the new update with local weather, so I was, um, distracted and had to go to Cabin John Park to catch Poochenya, Roselia, Nuzleaf, Treecko, and the adorable Zigzagoon, plus a giant Hariyama and a whole bunch of Skittys. (Paul was very understanding about my need to stop on the way to dinner to get a Torchic.)

We had dinner at my parents' house and tried to make plans with them and son for over the weekend, but everything will depend on the weather, since we could get anywhere from half an inch to four inches of snow tomorrow morning and afternoon. We discovered we were a week behind on Blindspot, watched Agents of SHIELD (oh come on the dystopian gladiator thing is so overdone), and started Bones's eleventh season. Here are some photos from Longwood Gardens' holiday light display:

Light in the Dark )
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Poem for Friday, The Orville, Longwood Fountains [Dec. 8th, 2017|12:08 am]
Shopping List )

Thursday was chilly and busy for me, but good -- I spent a lot of it with Maddy, since we had parallel chores (post office, different stores in mall, meeting up for froyo, CVS, getting bagels to bring home), and I worked on holiday cards and presents and some jewelry repair. Sears sent me yet another bunch of Freecash, so I bought two nice cotton turtlenecks for fifty cents. It's like they want to empty the warehouses before they go out of business.

We had tacos for dinner and Paul and I watched the last episode of the tenth season of Bones, which really feels like a series finale -- they must not have known whether they were getting renewed when they produced it -- after the season finale of The Orville, in which Kelly is Jesus and there are lots of delightful parallels with "The Paradise Syndrome" and "Who Watches the Watchers" with some Xena thrown in. From Longwood Gardens in the fall, the fountains:

Light on Water )
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Poem for Thursday and Ventura Highways [Dec. 7th, 2017|12:04 am]
The Fire )

I had a busy Wednesday -- a bunch of work, lunch with Karen and Jim at Lebanese Taverna, a bunch of shopping, a walk with raid friends at Wall Park around the Kennedy Shriver Aquatic Center, then a bunch of chores at home including a disastrous avalanche when I tried to reorganize a shelf in my bedroom that required a lot of cleanup. And I can't even blame the cats.

We watched an episode of Bones for the first time in weeks, then Designated Survivor, which has got to write the First Lady better. What was most memorable on the news, though, were the images of California burning, with the Skirball and Thomas Fires raging through places we drove in August. Here are photos of some of them from the same roads as the news footage.

California Dreaming )
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Poem for Wednesday and Harry Potter Potions [Dec. 6th, 2017|12:11 am]
plant Magic dust )

Apart from a walk and two lunchtime Pokemon raids at Cabin John Park (one successful, one not, both with friends so it's all good), my Tuesday was uneventful besides screaming at the news. I worked on holiday cards, I did some writing, I did some housework, I did some laundry. I screamed some more at the news.

We watched the winter finale of The Flash -- I'm really sick of the DeVoe thing, and Iris's Being Married being treated as a story arc -- then we caught up on Supergirl which I didn't love either (also too soapy, I like Samantha's story but Kara, Lena, and Jimmy should all just move in together).

Here are some photos from the Delaware Museum of Natural History's exhibit The Wands and Potions of Harry Potter, created to showcase Delaware State University's herbarium collection by comparing traditional and magical uses of the wood and plant materials in handmade wands and bottles of ingredients.

Practicing Magic )
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Greetings from Asgard [Dec. 5th, 2017|12:08 am]
Cheryl stayed over Sunday night and we tossed around a lot of ideas about things we might want to do on Monday, but then we figured we should just do what we really wanted to do and, after breakfast, watched the first Thor and the first Avengers around lunch at Cava at the mall and Thor: Ragnarok. We pretty much had Baskin Robbins York Peppermint Patty ice cream for dinner, so it was all in all a really good day. Here are some photos from the Delaware Museum of Natural History on Sunday in the Here Be Dragons exhibit, which has about a dozen live reptiles as well as displays about dragon legends and lore from Medieval Europe and Asia to Harry Potter and dinosaurs:

Here Be Dragons )
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Greetings from the Brandywine Valley [Dec. 4th, 2017|12:01 am]
I spent Sunday in the Brandywine Valley with Paul and Cheryl, first at the Delaware Museum of Natural History where we saw the exhibits on Harry Potter wands and potions and on dragons/dinosaurs/lizards, then at Winterthur for Yuletide, then at Longwood Gardens for A Longwood Christmas. Here are a few photos -- more tomorrow!

Museums and Gardens )
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